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Elevator integration

Our robots can operate elevators and turnstiles to deliver to multiple floors. One way we do this is through Schindler's API.

Crowd navigation

Our robots navigate via SLAM, utilising LiDAR, depth cameras and ultrasound sensors to avoid obstacles and operate smoothly in complex and dynamic environments.

Customisable software

Select one of our existing apps or use our API to build custom apps suiting your specific needs.


Indoor delivery

Securely delivering fresh coffee to medical supplies and documents. All our robots are fully autonomous, navigating and charging without help.

27 x 36 x 22 cm storage

Multimedia display

SMS notifications



Keeping you safe by vaporising sterilising fluid. Comes with the same autonomous features as Rice, so you can disinfect vast areas with one device, with the press of a button.

8 hours of continuous operation

Scheduled disinfection

Adjustable vaporisation strength


Fleet management

Monitor and control robots from the ease of your desktop or mobile phone. Keep track of the location, battery charge and other critical data about each robot in real-time. Move the robot from one location to another, trigger an emergency stop or assign tasks on RiceCore.


Watch Out for Our New JUMPSTARTER Banners

For those out of the loop, we have recently been selected as one of the top two winners of Jumpstarter, Alibaba's global startup contest!


Japan Post Demonstrates Multi-robot Delivery

Five of our Rice robots are now performing last-mile deliveries in a residential space in the Chiba prefecture with Japan Post, marking Japan's first practical instance of robotic deliveries.


Winner of JUMPSTARTER 2021

Rice Robotics has been selected as one of the 2 final winners of Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund's global pitch competition, Jumpstarter, out of 2000+ applicants!


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