Rice at Tokyo Midtown Yaesu


We are excited to be part of Takenaka Corporation's upcoming initiative at the Tokyo Midtown Yaesu building, aiming to achieve the "realisation of a society of human-robot cooperation".

GAP hires Jasmine to disinfect office


2 Jasmine disinfection robots are keeping GAP employees safe.

Jasmine at Hang Seng Bank


Jasmines, our disinfection robots, are working at your local Hang Seng Bank branches! They’re working tirelessly 24/7 to disinfect the air so we can stay healthy and safe.

Jasmine at SuperTerminal 1


Our fleet of 13 Jasmines, or code name: Hactl the Shields, are working tirelessly to disinfect the vast halls of the Hong Kong Super Terminal.

Rice Delivery at Cyberport


Under the pandemic situation, everyone is concerned about the safety issue of the food delivery service and Rice brings you the contactless dining experience!

EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2021


Victor Lee, founder and CEO of Rice Robotics, has been named EY Entrepreneur of the Year!

Multi-floor delivery demo at Kanamoto construction site


In cooperation with Kanamoto Corporation, our delivery robot Rice offers a helping hand to its users, bringing goods such as light building materials, tools, and beverages across multiple floors.

Rice Robotics at Science Cafe


We were invited to the soft opening of Science Cafe. We had a wonderful time sharing alongside the Director of the Hong Kong Science Museum, Paulina Chan.

Rice Robotics at SuperMatter's Insiders' Series


We were recently invited to a panel discussion between Hong Kong startups, corporates, and government representatives at the second edition of SuperMatter's Insiders' Series.

Rice Robotics in the First Cohort of CCG Accel


We were accepted into the first cohort of the CCG Accel to collaborate with the Chinachem Group. You will see our Portal robot in Central Market soon!

Rice Robotics at the 5G Technology Forum


We recently talked about how our 5G-enabled service robots can help "smartify" our city at the "Smartify the City with 5G" technology forum.

Meet Portal at HKCEC


Our custom 5G-enabled Portal has been deployed at HKCEC! He’ll be patrolling around the exhibitions starting today!

Rice Robotics on Forbes Asia 100 to Watch


Thank you Forbes Asia for including Rice Robotics as part of the 100 to Watch List this year.

Rice at Nikken Sekkei Japan


Nikken Sekkei Ltd has recently used our iconic indoor-delivery Rice Robot to conduct a demonstration experiment at a robot-friendly building!

Meet Rice at Smart City Takeshiba


Inside the new headquarters, SoftBank employees can order goodies from 7-ELEVEN on their smartphone and get them delivered by the self-driving robot RICE.

Jasmine disinfecting at HKCEC


Check out our disinfection robot Jasmine patrolling the book fair and expos at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in Wanchai!

Rice at Olympian City for AlipayHK and Sino Group


Stay hydrated and inspired this Summer with Rice Robotics! Rice has buddied up with AlipayHK and Sino Group to deliver Waston water to visitors at Olympian City.

Rice and Jasmine now at McDonald's Hong Kong


We’re happy to participate in McDonald’s McTalent Assessment Centre this year with our Jasmine disinfection robots providing deep and thorough sanitisation.

Rice Launched at Softbank in Tokyo


Rice will work in conjunction with Seven-Eleven Japan to perform last-mile deliveries, transporting food and beverages to multiple floors across the entire building.

Watch Out for Our New JUMPSTARTER Banners


For those out of the loop, we have recently been selected as one of the top two winners of Jumpstarter, Alibaba's global startup contest!

Japan Post Demonstrates Multi-robot Delivery


Five of our Rice robots are now performing last-mile deliveries in a residential space in the Chiba prefecture with Japan Post, marking Japan's first practical instance of robotic deliveries.

Winner of JUMPSTARTER 2021


Rice Robotics has been selected as one of the 2 final winners of Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund's global pitch competition, Jumpstarter, out of 2000+ applicants!

Deep Sanitisation Robots at K11 Musea


Jasmines are deployed at K11 Musea for the deep sanitisation job and to double down on the already stringent hygiene and anti-epidemic measures.

Japan First Multi-robots Indoor Delivery by Japan Post Group


Japan Post Group will be providing the first multi-indoor robotic delivery service in a residential area in Japan with a fleet of autonomous robots from Rice Robotics.

SHKP Malls’ First 5G Robot


The 5G Robot has an endearing appearance, with a white body and lively eyes, which captures shoppers’ attention. It is compact, but has an abundance of features and 24x7 operating capacity.

5G Robot Launching at SHKP Shopping Malls


Rice robot is incorporating SmarTone 5G technology and launching at major SHKP shopping malls for guiding, patrol and disinfection.

Rice is now at Softbank headquarters delivering for Seven-Eleven Japan


Rice robot has begun its delivery service for Seven-Eleven Japan at the new Softbank headquarters (Takeshiba's smart building).

Top 10 at Alibaba's Jumpstarter Global Pitch Competition


Rice Robotics has placed in the Top 10 startups out of 2000+ applicants in Alibaba's global pitch competition, Jumpstarter!

Rice Featured in Brand Hong Kong


Watch how cute robot "Rice", developed in Hong Kong, working at several local quarantine hotels and shopping malls.

Jumpstarter Social Impact Award


Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund is excited to announce that the winner of the JUMPSTARTER social impact award is "Rice Robotics".

Help Fight the COVID-19 Epidemic


Hong Kong has ramped up social-distancing measures to their toughest levels since July, and robots are here to help.

Top 20 at Jumpstarter & Silver at ICT Awards


Rice Robotics was selected as Top 20 at Jumpstarter out of 1000+ startups and won 2nd place for the ICT Awards.

HSBC and ET Net Interview


Victor interviewed with ViuTV and HSBC and also discussed our business history, present and future with ET Net.

7-Eleven Japan Pilot Delivery Services in January 2021


7-Eleven Japan will start pilot delivery services using self-driving robots (RICE) in January 2021.

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